French producer, Univers Vape develops and checks in France Eliquids, refills for electronic cigarette of the range "Effluves".

Univers Vape, E-liquides fabriqués en France

Some are, to our knowledge, typically French and unique in the universe of vaping:

Francese (legendary dark cigarette, by far the favorite of the French for decades),
Corsican myrtle (traditional liquor of Corsica and Sardinia,
savagely voluptuous and fruity),
Agaricus (raid in the wooded aromas absolutely unique with this incredible eliquide),
Requienii (little known, this deep and heady mint looks like no other one in the world).

Meilleurs E-liquides tabac brun, myrte corse, agaricus, Requienii...

Ingredients used: propylene glycol USP/EP, vegetable glycerine USP/EP, natural and synthetic food flavourings, contains no GMOS, diacetyl, ambrox or paraben.

We systematically monitor the level of nicotine to ensure that it is rigorously identical to that indicated on each bottle (natural USP/EP nicotine, conforming to WHO requirements).

Without alcohol and non-preservative, respecting the standards of current labeling, including safety data sheets, Eliquid are recyclable in 99 %.